Rachel Chan


I was born in Mississauga, Ontario, on June 14th 1988. I always felt that I was a creative, hands-on person. I took art courses as well as pottery classes when i was young. Slowly through out my experiences, and accomplishments, I've grown more passionate about being an artist.

Two years of fashion design in high school launched my desire of becoming a designer in the future. I am entering my last year of fashion design at LaSalle College and preparing for our signature fashion show. As project coordinator I have already begun sewing my concepts for the show.

I also have other strengths as a fashion illustrator, using Photoshop and illustrator together.

Currently, I am selling selected styles at FLY, a boutique located in Montreal 1970, Ste-Catherine Ouest. The website for the store is

Achieving ranks closely with meeting new people and experiencing new things among my priorities. Being myself and doing what makes me happy are most important to me, as well as sharing experiences with people around me.

If you are interested in any designs, or would like to contact me, feel free to reach me by email.

Please visit my site:

Rachel Chan